Q.1 What makes the moringa leaf/seed powder safe ?

Ans: Because the moringa is considered a vegetable just like kale and can be consume indefinitely. 

 Q. 2 What make the Moringa the grand super-plant ?

Ans: It belongs to the rare family of adaptogens, it's a smart healing plant that will adapt to your needs. For example, it will regulate your blood sugar level by bringing it up if it's low and down if it's too high.

Q. 3 Why do we called the moringa "Arzan Tiga" ?

Ans: In Burkina-faso, the name moringa doesn't not exist. This plant is called the tree from heaven. Tiga in moore, spelled (teega like team) and Arzan which means paradide.

Q. 4 How should I take the moringa leaf/seed powder ?

Ans: 1 seed/leaf powder 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, night)

2 seed/leaf powder in the morning and before bed time.

2 seed/leaf powder in between meals.

5. How can I detox my body with the moringa leaf/seed powder ?

Ans: take 4 seed/leaf powder in the morning on empty stomach with a 2 glasses of room temperature water and lime. Expect to go to the bathroom, especially if you have a lot of dairy in your system.

6. Is the moringa safe for consumption ?

Ans: Th oil can be used in and on your body, the leaf are used dry or cooked. The seeds are used to purify the mouth and help with bleeding gums.