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  • Fact #1 : Clearer, more youthful looking skin. Moringa is rich in antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation, contribute to healthy cell production and regeneration. They help your skin retain its suppleness, helping to prevent lines and wrinkles while also boosting your immune system.
  • Fact #2: Healthier hair, scalp, and nails. Because Moringa contains all of the the essential amino acids, you will notice that dry, brittle hair and nails are a thing of the past after incorporating it into your diet. Vitamins C and E also help facilitate blood circulation in the scalp which is absolutely essential to the absorption of nutrients in the follicles.
  • Fact #3: Increased energy. A single serving of Moringa contains about 3x the iron of spinach. Iron is essential to enriching the blood, carrying life, energy and oxygen into our muscles, organs and tissues. Move over sugary, high caffeine “energy” drinks, Moringa tea is here supporting health and vitality – without the CRASH!
  • Fact #4: Clear vision and eye health. High in beta carotene and vitamin A, moringa supports healthy eyes and clear vision.
  • Fact #5: Regular, healthy bowel movements. Moringa oils and fiber have a detoxifying effect to help scrub your bowel of waste and toxins allowing you to fully absorb nutrients from the foods you eat. Beauty is found in detoxification, a key player in the strength of your body and the resilience of your skin. You can find out more about beauty foods in my book, The Beauty Detox Solution.